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Welcome to Two Hands Tapping

Multi instrumentalist musician and sound healer 



Once upon a time while visiting the CBD of his hometown Melbourne, Christian(AKA Two Hands Tapping) found himself hypnotised by a beautiful sound, as he followed his ears weaving through the crowded street he was about to fortuitously discover an instrument that would change his relationship with music, expression and performance. The discovery of the Handpan resonated profoundly with Christian and consequently a conduit for uninhibited musical freedom and expression was unleashed. Over the years the influence of the Handpan has permeated into his life long passion of the piano and inspired dabbling in other exotic instruments such as Santoor( Persian hammer dulcimer), various native flutes and percussion.The result can be described as heart felt mystical sound scapes of bewitching melodies, percussion and vibrations that can heal and touch the soul. In the last few years he has performed in yoga workshops, music therapy in aged care, sound healing events, festivals as well as solo performances in venues. Christian is available for compositional performances as well as organic flowing improvisations suited to sound healing/journey events and private sessions. He is also available for beginners lessons on the Handpan. 


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